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Introducing the Distinct Custom Order Shawl - a masterpiece of craftsmanship and luxury. This exquisite shawl is a unique piece that has been expertly knitted with 100% alpaca fibers making it incredibly soft, warm and lightweight.

The original version of this shawl has already been sold, but now you can order a special version in the color or fiber of your choice. Whether you prefer silk, cashmere or another luxurious material, we can create a personalized shawl that will perfectly match your style and taste.

The minimum price for this shawl is CA$290, but be aware that the price may be increased depending on the material chosen. Our team of skilled artisans will work tirelessly to create a shawl to your exact specifications, ensuring you get a product that is both beautiful and functional. If you're looking for a unique and luxurious accessory that will keep you warm and stylish all winter long, look no further than the custom-order Distinct Shawl.

Order yours today and experience the unparalleled beauty and quality of this incredible piece.

Delivery times for custom orders can take up to several months depending on demand and time of year. It is best to contact us before placing an order to find out more about our operation and our deadlines.