6 points to help you choose the right dish towel

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We all want to have the best dish cloths, but how to make the right choice?


Here are 6 criteria to help you make an informed choice.


  1. Its thickness
     Be aware that thicker dishwashing cloth will absorb better than thin cloths. If you see through it's too thin. Take it in your hands to see if the feel meets your needs. If it is too thin, it will have to be changed often, because its absorption capacity will be less. If it is too thick, it will be unpleasant to handle, and you will have difficulty going to narrow places.

  2. What is the best material
     A natural fiber, without hesitation, no synthetic fiber will absorb as well as natural fibers. Cotton, linen, Bamboo? They each have their own qualities: cotton, often the cheapest, absorbs up to 8% of its weight. This is the basic dish towel that everyone should own. Linen is slightly more absorbent than cotton (up to 20% moisture) it is luxury dish towel, its main quality is that it does not leave lint, ideal for glassware. And bamboo is the least absorbent of the three, but it is a fiber that is antibacterial, a considerable quality. 
    Warning: You can find dish cloths made with mercerized cotton. It is a cotton that has been treated with a product so that it is more durable and shinier, so by this fact it largely loses its absorption capacity, you would recognize by its brilliance.
  3. The size
     A large dish towel is better, no one wants to wipe with a dishcloth the size. We want space to wipe our large cauldrons well and not get wet after two pieces. A linen of about 22" by 36" is a beautiful size.

  4. Maintenance
     Although it is always better to dry on the clothesline, you can put the dish towels in the washer and dryer without any problem. Know that the more you wash and dry your dishwashing cloth, the better it will wipe. It should reach its maximum capacity after about 10 washes.

  5. Ecological
    A dish towel that has been woven by hand is very environmentally friendly. Very little electricity is used to make it in addition to using natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo and linen that are renewable and biodegradable. 
    Warning: Biology fibers, even if the bio side is very good, it is difficult to check if the fiber is really biology. Before buying a dish towel made with bio fiber, make sure you can check the certification especially if the fiber is sold at twice the price.

  6. Durability
     Handmade dish towel last for years, even decades you will bequeath them to your children and them, to their children.


Handmade dish linen: Kitchen collection

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