How to care for your alpaca clothes

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Alpaca wool is a very fine fiber, but warm, resistant, breathable, and lightweight, which deserves all your attention for its maintenance and washing.

How to take care of your alpaca garment or fashion item?


Alpaca is a noble and delicate fiber. It is also a self-cleaning fiber, put it in a place with drafts so for to clean up herself. And wash your product by hand about twice a year or as needed. That said, she appreciates water contrary to what one might think. Do not hesitate to wash your alpaca clothes, they like to be washed and still soften in the wash.

Hand washing is recommended with a wool detergent (or other soft detergent such as that for baby) with warm water (preferably). Be sure to delicately knead the garment for 3 to 5 minutes. You can also wash it in cold water. However, it is important to wash and rinse your sweater or scarf at the same temperature to avoid felting. Also be careful not to twist the material during manual spinning, squeeze to remove as much water as possible and finish by wrapping in a terry towel to remove excess water.

A little advice to avoid a disaster:


Never soak your alpaca clothes and do not use detergent or stain remover under any circumstances even in case of stain. If the latter occurs, pass a little Marseille soap before washing.

Tip to optimize drying:


Place your alpaca clothes flat on a terry towel inside and out, but make sure it's not directly in the sun. Never put in the dryer and of course avoid dry cleaning at all costs.

Ironing is very easy with a steam iron set to a mild temperature. You can also use a fine cloth between your knitting or weaving and the iron.

Hats, mittens, blanket, alpaca scarves... It's not just your alpaca clothes that have the right to the best: your accessories too. Do the same for them to extend the life of your favorites.

Follow these tips and you can keep your alpaca and baby alpaca sweaters and stoles for a very long time and stay warm with elegance.

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